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July 2014

Chic Aprons and Nougats Worthy of Your Taste Buds

Aprons from Jones of Boerum Hill that are more durable and chic than your average splatter guard and a San Francisco pâtisserie's tasty take on nougat

For many Americans, nougat is the commercial-grade, sticky-sweet layer inside a Snickers or Milky Way. But in Europe, the confection is an entirely different affair: a treat in itself, typically made with egg whites, nuts, and honey or sugar, available in varied colors and textures. San Francisco's Le Dix-Sept Pâtisserie has been sharing its elevated version with the Bay Area since launching last April and is now selling nationwide. Le Dix-Sept's chefs Michelle Hernandez and Cyril Bermond base their method on the traditional French technique, playing with cooking temperature to achieve a "pillowy" base. A classic white variety amped up with local honey (a wildflower or, on occasion, an orange-blossom varietal) includes almonds, cacao nibs and dried mango. A less-expected chocolate nougat comes studded with pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and dried black mission figs. Read More >


Nonconformist chocolate treats—amped up with everything from caramelized croissant shards to marshmallow fluff on steroids—are the new normal. Here, the pick of the litter for you or your sweetheart....[read more]


December 2013

Get in My Belly! The Top Things to Eat This Week

San Francisco's food editors anoint their current must-haves.

Le Dix-Sept's new nougats (available at Heath Ceramics) have an architectural beauty to them that I wish I could frame and hang on the wall. But that will never happen because they might be the tastiest nougat I've ever had. The chocolate is layered up with black mission figs and pumpkin seeds, while the vanilla is dotted with almonds, mangoes, and cacao nibs. Both are have a dense, chewy marshmallow texture that's hard to stop eating. Read More >


Eater logo.jpeg

November 2013

The 2013 Thanksgiving-To-Go Guide

It's Thanksgiving week, and for those who aren't already obsessively planning a home-cooked menu but still want to stay in for the holiday, the best local restaurants, bakeries, and markets are here to assist with your every need. From fried or roasted heritage turkeys to perfectly crafted sides to pies and breads made by the city's best pastry chefs, the offerings from these 15 spots are tempting enough to make even the most eager home cook throw in the kitchen towel...Read more >


Eater logo.jpeg

Eater: Le Dix-Sept Pops Up

Crack bakers Le Dix-Sept Patisserie are popping up at Biondivino...Read More > 


Tablehopper: Pop-Ups and Special Dinners: Le Dix-Sept at Biondivino

Okay folks, you do not want to miss this. On Sunday January 12th, ~LE DIX-SEPT PÂTISSERIE~ will be...Read more > 

7x7: Foodie Agenda: Le Dix-Sept Patisserie Pops Up in Four Barrel

Le Dix-Sept Pâtisserie is a micro patisserie based in SF, and this week they've teamed up with Four Barrel Coffee and Dandelion Chocolates. With culinary and pastry experience at both Benu and Saison, Le Dix's masterminds specialize in savory and sweet creations...Read more >


eater logo with white space.jpeg

Eater: Eaterwire 

The latest bakery to participate in Dandelion Chocolate's rotating dessert project is Le Dix-Sept Patisserie...Read more >


mission local logo.pngMission Local: News from Dandelion Chocolate

Next week, September 11 through 14th we’re doing something a bit different at the cafe. Wednesday, September 11 through Saturday, September 14th we’ve invited the incredibly talented folks at Le Dix-Sept Pâtisserie back as we fell in love with their desserts and treats..Read more >

refinery29 logo.jpg

Refinery29: Spice Up Your Valentine's Day At These Red-Hot Events

Head over to the Divis shop for handmade wares, bijoux, eye-popping illustrations, and tasty confections..Read more >


TableHopper: Savory and Pastry Demos, Knife Skills Classes, and More

Those of you looking to sharpen your epicurean edge this summer will have no trouble finding classes to sign up for. We’ve got a good number to get you started right here...Read more >

7x7: Say, "Be Mine, ALL MINE" with These Locally Made Sweet Treats

Le Dix-Sept patisserie, with flavors like chocolate and Espelette, ginger-apple, and coconut creme with dark chocolate...Read more >


Tasting Table SF: Smart Cookie: a sophisticated sweet with a French accent 

Oh, the French. Those sexy accents. The desserts. The tiny waistlines despite said desserts...Read more >


DailyCandy San Francisco: Pleasure Your Palate with Le Dix-Sept - Say Oui to French Desserts

Come next Sunday, everyone you know is going to wish they were your mom.

Or, at the very least, each of them is going to wish he or she were the person on the receiving end of a slim box of Parisienne-style macarons from Le Dix-Sept patisserie.

If you’re not familiar with Le Dix-Sept’s wares ...Read more >

The 2013 Thanksgiving-To-Go Guide